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Windows 8 Add/Remove GUI

Windows 2008 saw the introduction of Server Core which was a great idea but most people never implemented because they believed it to be overly complex having no GUI.  It really wasn’t but regardless it saw limited deployment.  In Windows Server 8 the GUI is a feature that can be added and removed as necessary.  This will allow you to install the full OS, configure it and then remove the GUI to lock down security.  When you install the Sever 8 OS you have the option of Server Core or Server with a GUI.  This is a major improvement in Windows Server 8 that hopefully leads to more deployments of the core OS version.

Once the OS is installed and configured you can remove the feature through Remove Roles and Features.

Simply select the features you wish to remove, in this case Graphical Management Tools and Infrastructure and Server Graphical Shell.

Once the process is complete reboot the system and you’ll login to the CMD shell environment.  If you need to add the GUI back you can do so via the following PowerShell cmdlet

Add-WindowsFeature server-gui-shell

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