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SCSM 2012 SLA Management–Part 3

System Center Service Manager 2012 makes huge strides in SLA Management in 2012. With SCSM 2012 you can now create service level objectives that take into account help desk analyst hours, metrics and objectives and send notifications when SLOs hit a warning and/or breached stage. While this was possible in SCSM 2010 it required a lot of custom scripting to make it work. It is just easier in SCSM 2012.

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Part 3 – SCSM 2012 SLA Management – SLO Warning/Breached Notifications

In this 3 part example we’ll take a look at how to create an SLO that will send a notice when a new incident has been created but not assigned to a help desk analyst in 30 and 60 minutes.  Special thanks to Travis Wright, the SCSM 2012 Program Manager for his assistance in getting this into production.

SLO Warning/Breached Notifications

With everything else now configured that last step is to set up the notification subscriptions.  This is what will send the email (based on your template) when a SLO is at the warning or breached state.  Drill down to Administration | Notification | Subscriptions and click Create Subscription.

Enter a name for the subscription and configure When to notify and Targeted class as follows.


Under Criteria configure Changed From as follows….


…and then configure Changed To.  Note you are changing the Service Level Instance Information Stats from does not equal warning (it has been less than 30 minutes since the incident was created) to does equal warning which means 30 minutes have passed and the incident is still unassigned.


Select your email template.


And then under Related Recipients choose Assigned To User from the Work Item has Service Level Instance Information.  If you are confused don’t be.  One thing to note with this example is the concept of SCSM 2012 Assigned to User and Primary Owner.  When an incident is created it is assigned to a “user” which is typically a specific support group such as Networking, Infrastructure, Applications, etc.  When someone within that group takes ownership they become the Primary Owner.  The SLO is looking to see if there is a Primary Owner and if not send a notice to the support group reminding them this incident is unassigned.


Click OK to create the subscription.  In the case of the 60 minute breached SLO notice Changed From would equal warning and Changed To would equal Breached.


And naturally you would have a separate email template for breaches.  You can also add a recipient, such as a help desk manager if you really want to crack the whip ;)


2 comments to SCSM 2012 SLA Management – Part 3

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  • ozge

    Dear Rodney,

    I think you should have chosen Incident class instead of Service Level Time Info when creating Notification template. Otherwise you cannot choose Unassigned Incidents Queue. This is critical because when you try to create another SLO for Resolution Time for instance they will have both same criterias (status=warning) thus you will receive the same warning messages even though one of them is not in warning state.

    I hope I can make it clear.